USA v. Jessie Jackson, Jr.

Successfully obtained Order from a Federal Court for an early termination of his supervised release.

State v. Jimmy Stringer

Jimmy Stringer faced 1 count of Gratification of Lust and 1 count of Sexual Battery in Rankin County. On 1-31-17, a jury returned a Not Guilty verdict on both counts.

Inmate Charged With Drug Possession, Found Not Guilty

Inmate Charged With Drug Possession, Found Not Guilty

...Mr. Colette argued that it is unfair to automatically assume that any contraband left in a general use restroom was that of our client. Other than the guard finding the marijuana, there was no other evidence to corroborate that our client was the one who had left it there.

Federal Bribery Case

Currently representing Chairman of Department of Correction in complex Federal prosecution and forfeiture proceedings.

Clients Win Judgement of Acquittal

The following is a list of some additional cases where our clients were rightfully acquitted after being wrongfully accused of various crimes! USA vs. Terry – Bank Fraud case. Client found innocent because Government star witness lacked credibility! USA vs. Barrett – Barrett was the then longest serving Sheriff in Mississippi. Sheriff Barrett was charged with perjury by a grand jury in Washington D.C. On appeal, two of the three counts against Barrett were dismissed. The remaining count was affirmed.